Sunday, September 7, 2008

Commission Quilt for Branson Hitt


Hello, everyone - or at least those of you who find me! I'm working on a commission quilt for a colleague's son, Branson. Trust me to make things harder than they have to be!

I've always been intrigued by quilt blocks that use tri-rectangles to create circular designs. They are reminiscent of the double wedding ring pattern, and I have seen them called "Tennessee Waltz" and "Tennessee Twist" lately. I'm very sure it has been around for quite some time under other titles, though, and there are so many variations from which to choose!!

Even though this quilt is intended for a young boy's bed, I was asked to not make it using juvenile fabrics, such as airplanes or motorcycles. His father requested "country colors" due to his home's decor. So, my challenging side drafted up a Tennessee Waltz variation:

Sorry for the picture being sideways, but hopefully you get the point. It looks great, doesn't it?? Ahh, but see, the construction of the thing is what has made me resent the whole blasted idea!! Anyhoo, so I've got the 18 Tennessee Waltz blocks pieced (with some wonky edges on the triangle portions to straighten) and I get another brainstorm! Why not just make nine of the alternate blocks for the middle section and then use snowball blocks for the eight on the outer edges? Massive time saver - not to mention retaining a small fringe of my sanity!

But, alas, when I lay out my cream background fabric, I don't have enough! Not nearly enough to cut the eight 12 1/2" blocks needed when one keeps in mind that I still need more 2 1/2" strips to finish up the original alternate block!

So, I run upstairs to my EQ5 program and come up with this baby:

Not too bad, I suppose. My printer doesn't do it justice, but it has an extra border of the deep blue I really like, plus a smaller border of the dark red (since I don't have very much of it left!). The green on the outside frames it up nicely, I think, and with the second altenate block, I can use more of the multicolored print that ties it all together. I can also still use the 4" sawtooth stars I've already made:

So, I'm off to the sewing machine again. I have to finish the framing and corners of the original alternate blocks and then cut out the second alternate block pieces. I wanted to finish this top this weekend, but as I said when I started, I'm afraid I made this thing much, much too complicated!!

I'll post again when I get further along! Thanks for listening!!

Barbara Ann

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  1. Wow that is a beautiful quilt design. Actually both of them. Don't you just love EQ6. Drop me a line sometime, I'd love to learn more about this one.