Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My latest duh! moment

Well, I must admit my failing mental capabilities! Here I was, going on about this Tennessee Waltz block I've been working on, when I knew that it had a more traditional name. Here comes the dumb part - obviously it is 54-40 or Fight!

So, anyway, now that everyone knows I'm not dealing with a full deck sometimes, we can lay aside this perfectionist crap and move on!

By the way, I'm rethinking this whole concept on Branson's quilt. I will include the picture of the alternate blocks I've finished with my next post, but I have to confess, I love the pattern, but it's a bugger-boo to piece!!

Branson's dad is hounding me anyway and his most recent comment was: "Well, I thought it was going to be brown and just a bunch of squares sewn together." When one is dealing with a non-quilter, it is extremely difficult to get them to understand the varying degrees of piecing difficulty.

So, my solution?? I'm laying aside the Tennessee Waltz top and picking up a brown Rail Fence. Fast, easy piecing in his requested colors. Maybe a bit dull, but if an 8 yr old boy is just going to rough it up anyway. . . . .

I surrender!

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  1. Make that handsome "Tennessee Waltz" quilt for yourself. The rail fence will be just fine for a boy and he will like it just as well. Jen