Sunday, February 22, 2009

Come in! Come in!!


It's just a little corner of the world, but I like it! I spent most of yesterday cleaning, organizing and sorting. (What was I thinking when we put carpet in here! I had to vaccum the threads by hand!!) Anyway, I reorganized my fabrics in the closet my accommodating husband built for me:

In these two photos, you can see the top shelf which has the longest, multicolored fabrics - mostly large prints. In the picture on the left, the next shelf down has a stack of fabrics that are bundled together for particular projects. There are other projects in various stages of completion in small totes and baskets on the floor under these shelves.
This is looking into the closet and to the right. The basket on the top is filled (read as stuffed!!) with plastic bags of blocks waiting to put into quilt tops. Some are from block exchanges, but most are purchased embroidered blocks from Ebay. I've since stopped buying them, as I have so many sets and have yet to use them. My checkbook breathed a sigh of relief!
On the floor under this corner shelf is a small clear tote of little scraps I'll crazy-quilt-style sew onto 10 1/2" squares someday!

If you look to the left from the door, you'll see this. On the left of the tip top shelf is the Christmas prints, two stacks deep - one behind the other. The small stack in the middle and the one on the right are smaller cuts of multi-colored cuts - and yes, there is another stack behind this front one!

The multicolored continue onto the second shelf and are two stacks deep with two small stacks deep in between.
The bottom shelf is fat quarters, two piles deep. Under this shelf is a two drawer filing cabinet and three plastic drawers with cut squares separated by size. The bottom drawer of the filing cabinet is patterns with the overflow on top. That little face you see is a large doll that was my Grandmother's, then my Mom's, and now mine. Here's a better picture:
The little doll is one of the very few toys my Mom had growing up. She is one of eleven children raised in rural West Virginia and there just wasn't enough money to go around. The larger doll is one of about four that my Grandmother had. She would cut and style their hair, even give them permanents!

Now for a little swing around the sewing room itself. Starting from the door and working our way around:

The bookcase bottom (behind the concealing doors) is filled to the brim with quilting magazines. The binders on top are quilting magazines, too. The top two plastic drawer organizers are thread, with the bottom one being buttons. The wooden buffet came from our local college's auction, with the countertop costing much more than the piece itself.

This buffet is crammed with stuff - lace, ribbon, embroidery floss, cross-stitch patterns, paints, notions, felt pieces, bobbins - all kinds of stuff!

That box on top is one of the last spots to clean - it's papers, my worst nemesis!

This is an old recliner that found its way into my sewing room. My husband built in the two bookcases which are also full to the brim. The large white binders have more quilt magazines. There are all kinds of books here: quilting, sewing, cross-stitch . . . even coloring books I've purchased from the dollar store for embroidering.
You can see a corner of my sewing table with cut pieces for my next project.

A straight-on shot of the bookcase under the window.

If you look closely at the very first picture in this post, you're looking directly at my sewing table. It's not fancy, but it's very solid with two drawers in front. I bought it at the college auction also.

This framed block is hanging on the wall beside the window. When my beloved sister, Sonja, was killed in a car accident in 2000, I made the block for her funeral. She loved peach and green together and it helped me focus on something besides our loss. I keep her business card in the corner of the frame.
Sonja Sue Beamer
September 26, 1966 to April 6, 2000
Hanging directly in front of my sewing machine is a quilt top I work on off and on. It's from a class I took at Jackson's Mills to Kerri Smith:
Past the closet doorway is a small cutting area:

Yes, that was a hole in the wall - we used to have a phone there, but while finishing the basement, we moved it. My husband patched it, but we just haven't gotten around to painting the wall. Because with my type A personality, that would mean taking everything out and repainting every wall!!

Under the table are more drawers for different sizes of strips, not to mention a small tote and three boxes of scraps for the aforementioned crazy quilt!

These are three dresses Mom saved for me from my own childhood - I'd like to find some older decorative wire hangers to hang them with.

Okay, so it's not a grand studio - but it works wonderfully for me and I'm tickled to pieces just to have a room of my very own! When it's nice and clean like this, I can go down and sit and just relax. Even if I do nothing but sit there, it's so nice to be surrounded by my favorite things!