Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm still alive - honest!

I just wanted to add a short post to let y'all know I'm still breathing! My business area is operational again and I'm up to 3 orders now off the website - not groundbreaking news, I know, but considering that I haven't been able to finish getting all the products on it, it's pretty good to me!

My sewing room is almost back together - we brought back the buffet and I cleaned out the drawers as they went back in (more yard sale fodder!). I sorted all the quilting magazines into boxes - I ran out of boxes after 12 and had to use regular USPS boxes to hold the others. SOMEDAY, I want to scan in the projects and ideas I like and get rid of the actual magazines . . .

My sewing room table is sanded and ready to restain, but now my husband, in an effort to pack up his stuff from his den, has loaded my table down again. I'm still waiting for him to take his things to the storage unit! When I can get to my table again, I'll stain it and then it's ready to go back in, too.

I've been working on a couple quilt tops this past month - trying a new tactic - BIG BLOCKS! Both tops are only 6 blocks because the blocks are 32 inches! The one to the right is made of the Timeless Treasures Briarcliffe line from my shop. I wish I had carried the cream on around the rust color, but it still looks good, I think. I made two more blocks after this picture was taken and added them to the bottom.
I don't have a picture yet of the other big blocks top - maybe I can get one tomorrow. We have plans to take a short trip to Ohio this weekend and I hope to drop these two tops along with the green baby quilt off at the fabric shop in Arnoldsburg. Mr. Badgett will pick them up there - he does fabulous long arm quilting at a very reasonable price - he's very popular - I think she said there's 35 to 40 tops ahead of me!
Tomorrow's a sewing day, so wish me luck!
Barbara Ann


  1. Sorry about the little oops - the picture ended up in the middle instead of to the right!

  2. Gee the blocks don't look so big in the picture LOL. Very pretty quilt.


  3. Those big blocks make a very interesting quilt!

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