Saturday, September 5, 2009

Black & White Day One

McCall's Quick Quilts' November issue had a quilt in it that definitely caught my eye. And, unfortunately, I can't leave well enough alone and had to add my own little quirks to the design (above).

I've been collecting black and white fabrics for a few years now, and the magazine gave me just the right boost to get started on a new quilt.

I bought this red fabric off Ebay, with the sole purpose of jazzing up a black and white quilt. At the time, I really didn't have a pattern or design in mind.

So, this afternoon, I spent my time cutting up some fat quarters, 10" inch squares from a quilting forum swap and some odd small pieces of black and white fabrics. I have the black FQs to go and then I'm going to cut a little bit from my yardage pieces to be sure I have plenty of variety. I'll figure I'll have quite a few leftovers, so a neat idea for the back occurred to me:

It's very sloppy because I was in a hurry to get the thoughts down and back to cutting, but I think you can get the idea. The main graphic is the flying geese wandering from bottom left to upper right.

Wish me luck!!

Barbara Ann


  1. Well, actually, the way the picture was taken, the flying geese go from bottom right to upper left . . . um, sorry for any confusion :)

  2. Very cool design!! I can hardly wait to see this quilt when it's done :0)