Monday, September 7, 2009

Black & White - Day Two

Yesterday afternoon, I cut through the rest of the fat quarters and the black yardage for the black and white and red quilt from my last post. I didn't realize I had so many different prints!
This is all I have left to cut from - the white yardage and the red accent fabric. As this seems to be an afternoon project, I hope to get this done today!!
I would have posted Day Two last evening, but we had a terrific thunderstorm here last night! David's newly built trash "dumpster" had a real test!
Have a glorious day, all!!
Barbara Ann


  1. You do have a wonderful stash of black and whites!

  2. You must have been collecting for a while to get such a nice variety!!


  3. Karen and Crispy, thanks for the comments. Yes, I didn't know how much I had until I pulled the FQs out of their stacks and put them with the yardage B&Ws. I have to admit, though, a portion of the fabrics came from FQ bundles on Ebay. I haven't shopped there for a while, but I like the variety of prints you can get.

  4. Beautiful! I stumbled on your blog and had to follow! Love those black and whites!! Can't wait to see the finished quilt.

  5. ooohh, I love black and white and color and can't wait to see how this turns out!

  6. Wow, this quilt looks like it'll turn out amazing! And I have to agree with Karen, such an amazing black and white stash =)