Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Sunday!

First of all, I'd like to wish my sweet sister, Sonja, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She would have been 44 years old today and I love and miss her very much. Below is a classic Sonja picture - she had a beautiful smile and an infectious laugh.

I've got my post ready for the Fall into Fall Giveaway and would love to show you, but I can't! :( It starts October 1st, so I'll have to just be patient, I guess!
Today is a rare "free" day, as I got almost all of my housecleaning chores done yesterday (finishing up laundry today) and that means I can work on other projects. Hmmm, what will it be? Scanning in family history photos? Naw, takes too long. Putting in more info into Family Tree Maker 2009? No, I don't think so - not today. Working on products on the shop website ( I really should, but what I'd really rather be doing is . . . SEWING!!! I would love to get the last few rows on the Salt, Pepper and a Dash of Spice top, put the binding on the toddler quilt (so I can sell it!) and cutting the fabric for the next commission quilt. Yep, that's the ticket!

Next weekend, I'll be packing up part of the shop for the next few weekends - October is really busy for me. First, the Apple Butter Festival in Salem for judging and vending (2 tables). Then the Black Walnut Festival in Spencer for judging with the next Saturday being the WV Quilters state guild meeting in Fairmont where I will also be a vendor (1 table). It will be hard to choose just a few tables worth of stuff to take, but I've got some ideas to jazz things up a little. Plus, I am so excited (anxious) about judging two events by myself! I've got my form ready and I feel confident that I will do just fine once we get into the swing of it. But I must admit, my heart flops a little since this will be my first experiences at being a quilt judge all by myself!

The certification program requires solo experience, so after these events, I will be ready to officially apply to the program. Wish me luck!

Have a glorious autumn day, everyone!

Barbara Ann


  1. First of all what a great pic and memory of your sister.

    Good Luck with the judging ....make it FUN !

  2. Sounds like a busy month for you.
    Birthdays can be a hard time for those we have lost, but also wonderful memories of the time we spent with them.