Sunday, October 31, 2010

How many UFOs now?

** This post was started WEEKS ago - I really am trying to get better! :( **

I'm in my sewing room this morning ~ very early, 'cause I just couldn't get back to sleep. I worked on basting down the stars and hearts in the toddler quilt (shown in my last post) so that I could remove all the straight pins. Ironed the top, folded it and put it away.

Then I realized I had put away some UFOs in plastic boxes before sharing them on my blog, so you thought you had seen them all, right?? Nah! Here's some more:
This was brights and blacks swap on the Quilting Passion forum at Delphi - stay tuned for progress photo below . . .
This was an original design, but I didn't count on the difficulty of piecing those triangles - I cut out 2 sets, but I'm going to have to take this one apart. The seams are terrible!! Any ideas??
This was a set of Christmas blocks that I won at the WV Quilters show in Beckley - again, several years ago. Another project started - I don't remember for sure, but I think I ran out of a particular fabric, but not sure now . . .

This was started at the Molasses Festival in Arnoldsburg two years ago - I was trying to use just the fabrics from my shop ( - Lakehouse Pearl. I have the plan for it.

This was from the quilt retreat at Jackson's Mills two years ago - a "New York Beauty" class with Kathy of Pieces of the Past shop in Harrisville - she's just super! It was my first "real" project with paper piecing and curves. I really like this one and need to get it together . . .

These blocks were from an online quilt forum swap - I need to just get them set together.

This is a Storm at Sea set that I made in Columbus in a class with Charlotte Angotti, who, by the way, is just terrific! And the kits cut by John Flynn are just wonderful to work with - laser cut for accuracy!

The large pink pieced blocks are from a swap - the embroidered ones are from Ebay - the setting design is my own.

This was a wild hair I had - the WV Quilters guild has a Little Quilt Auction at their now annual show to raise money. I had plans to finish this as a donation - there were three others embroidery blocks that needed to be a centerpiece for small quilts and I had hoped to at least finish one! Ah, well, there's next year's show, I guess!

This is the purple and yellow Sister's Choice from the retreat at Hawk's Nest with Bonnie Hunter - it was a great time and I'd like to get this top together - I think it will turn out quite pretty.And this was a start of a pastel stars quilt for my Mom from many, many moons ago - I think it's a Judy Martin pattern, but I don't know now which book it's from.

And the promised progress photo of the brights and blacks swap - this photo is rather outdated now. As of today, Nov. 26th, this top is together and mostly finished! I made a center block as a label and just need to get the info on it. I will post the picture when the rest of my quilt holders get back home!

As long as this post is, there are still more UFOs, but I just can't bore you any longer. I'm off to a slow start, but a finish IS a finish after all! Thanks for your patience and understanding!


  1. I have to say, I think you may be the winner when it comes to UFO's. I've never seen that many and I thought I had a lot!! You should think about selling some of them on ebay or give-aways or use them somehow in your store. You will never finish all of those quilts before you leave this earth!!! Beautiful
    Gmama Jane

  2. You sure won't get bored for a while, lol.

  3. It is nice to know that someone else has a lot of UFO's! I might have to post mine too, seems like there are a million things I want to do! Thanks for sharing.