Saturday, October 30, 2010

More Treasures from the Big Blue Tub!!

Before I start my own personal stuff, you guys really need to check out Wayne Kollinger's blog. He is so amazing with his "What Ifs" that it really boggles the mind of all the quilt possibilities there could be. The post I've linked to shows a gorgeous blue and yellow top that just screams West Virginia to me - I'd love to make it!
And that's how I end up with so many UFOS. Speaking of that, I did say there were more treasures in the big blue tub:

I think these blocks came from my dear friend and neighbor, Donna. She helped me with my first ever quilt, A Trip Around the World that I made for my Mom & Dad's anniversary. She helped me pick out the fabrics, decide where to put each color, cut strips and even made me unsew lots of bad seams - thank you, Donna, for teaching me that mistakes are correctable, in one way or another! :)

These units came from a flying geese swap that I participated in online. They would probably make a nice wallhanging . . .
The older set of applique blocks came from Ebay (I think?) and I had a plan to make some pieced blocks to alternate them with. I really have no idea where my drawing is, though.

My lovely Aunt Eleanor sent me the large bear panel after I sent her a quilt with lots of love. She's such an incredible joy and I just wanted her to know how much I cared. She sent me the large panel and asked if I thought I could use it. Not long after I received it, I was at Houchin's Fabrics in Arnoldburg and found matching smaller panels and yardage. Of course, I grabbed it up. I DO know where this plan is, just need to make it.

Just a few miscellaneous blocks - there's more of these somewhere else . . .
This is one I'd really like to finish, so I worked on this one last night and this morning. It is fallish bear paw blocks swapped on the online forum ~ I took the four units apart and made lots more. Last night, I finished the unsewing and this morning, I finished the last of the cutting and sewed 10 more blocks together (the ones on the far right in the picture). I have about 20 more blocks cut out and ready to go. The way I have it figured, I can get two generous twins out of these blocks by setting them on point in a strippy design. I'd really like to finish these.
This is the background for a Parsons family tree quilt - remember the aforementioned class of Judy Lilly's? That morphed into this huge thing - once this is all sewn down, I plan to overlay a large tree with branches, leaves and apples for Parsons family members.

This was a harebrained idea for a baby/toddler quilt for my cousin's little girl ~ it was to be appliqued down and the border and backing fabric had stars and suns with smilie faces. Yep, that hasn't gotten very far. Sure, it would be cute once done, but to get it done is the problem.

I haven't even touched the basket of bagged blocks . . . and I know there's some more UFOs somewhere . . . I can think of a few just off the top of my head!

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  1. My new fad is makingg mug rugs! How fun! Today I discovered something new to me and now I can't remember the name. It's where you sew tidbits of quilt scraps in blocks, rectangles onto the top layer of quilting and the edges become frayed. help me,,what are they called??? I loved it!!