Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Treasure Hunt in the Big Blue Tub

So, I'm digging around in the aforementioned big blue tub and you'll never guess how many treasures I unearthed ~ projects I had completely forgotten about! Some that stirred up some excitement to get them finished, some that I thought "Ugh! Why am I keeping this?" Lots and lots of things in here . . . .
This is a pillow that I made several years ago - then I took it apart and just saved the top.
I honestly do not remember where I got these blocks - there's 6 of them and they're ready for stitch down, but I don't really know what to do with them . . .

This is a school spirit project. My children went to the same elementary school as I did ~ Troy. I've almost got the embroidered Trojan finished and part of the piecing, but if I remember correctly, I was wanting to do some fancy stars around the center also. Now if I could just find the drawing of the plan for the top.

This is the start of a pineapple quilt - I was making it for my niece's high school graduation. She's getting ready to graduate from college soon and will be getting married. Hmm, I think I'm late.
This is my set of cut strips for a Jacob's Ladder wallhanging. I cut an identical set for my Mom as part of a Christmas present years and years ago. It was to be a mother-daughter sewing time, but she has since moved to Virginia. During her packing, she found her set and went ahead and made her wallhanging. You see how far I've gotten ~ somewhere I've got a drawing for this one . . . This was a small piece meant for my nephew, Ethan, for Christmas, many moons ago. It just needs the quilting finished and bound.
This is a baby quilt started before my son, Alex, was born - he's almost 12 now.

A set of large nine patch blocks in Christmas fabrics - this was an internet forum swap, but there aren't any names on the blocks.
These Sunbonnet Sues are adorable - I really want to use these somehow.

A landscape top from a class with Judy Lilly at the WV Quilters Show in Beckley - the first one I took classes at - maybe 5 or 6 years ago?? All it needs is quilted and bound.

This was another internet forum swap - the canning jars are really cute - it's quilted, though not quite how I wanted it. All it needs is embellished and bound.

And that's not all of it - but I did get some more plastic boxes this evening at Dollar General . . .


  1. Have you typed up your list of UFOs? When I got over 80 it blew me away - BUT I can now go to the list and check items off - or decide it's time to donate the project to the Guild! I still need to get to the Dollar General for the containers! You really need to finish 1! lol

  2. After seeing your UFO's, I don't feel so bad now!! I can come out of the closet and admit to all my UFO's!!! Thanks for coming clean so the rest of us can be inspired to go unearth some hidden treasures...Oh I just found one...Oh NO! It's soooooo UGLY!! What was my mother thinking??? Bless her heart! Her eyesight was fading at the time she made these blocks so I'll give her a pass. Now she's in heaven and I'm stuck with some blocks that no one but me could love...simply because my sweet Mama made them. Ya Know??? The more I look at these blocks the better they look!

  3. I do not feel so bad about my UFO's too aftyer seeing yours. I am so bad at starting a new quilt and then stack the old one in the closet.

  4. Good morning! I'm very sorry that I didn't respond sooner to your lovely comments. Truffle Queen and Gmama, I'm unable to email to you, but thanks so much for visiting and chatting. TQ, in the midst of my digging, I found an old list of UFOs/ideas - it was two pages long! Gmama, unfortunately, I don't have any blocks or projects from my family. Both of my grandmothers quilted, one more of a utility quilt gal, the other more intricate. But both finished their stuff or at least, I didn't get a hold of any unfinished projects. I do have a few of their quilts, though.

    Millie, hang in there, honey. We've all got stacks in our closets!! :)

    Thanks again!