Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I almost hate to show this side of my sewing room - all the UFOs! I've been reading Pat Sloan's blog and have decided to try and dig into my massive stack of UnFinished Objects. I know I have 50+ quilts in various stages of non-completion (is that even a word?). And that's being very conservative! Starting from "have an idea and have picked out the fabrics" to "all it needs is binding and a label."

First on the list is "Salt, Pepper and a Dash of Spice" - my black, white and red quilt:

This is the top without the borders.

Then, a shot of the "leftovers" - some of these will be used in the flying geese border but most will end up in the pieced backing.

Not to mention the black and white fabrics I didn't even cut into! ;)

And the "West Virginia Backroads" top from a retreat at Hawk's Nest with Bonnie Hunter last November - I love these colors and the pattern is simple, just time-consuming! By the way, Bonnie totally rocks!

This little toddler bed size quilt just needs binding - it's really very cute and has a soft flannel backing.

This stack is two groups of fabric that I've picked out for quilts - the top one has a pattern already, but the bottom one is still just a group of fabrics that look great together (or at least I think so anyway!)

I also have a stack of grouped fabrics in my closet - both of these have patterns.

I found these great flat boxes at Dollar General - I bought five more this evening.

But I had already purchased eight previously - this past weekend, I worked on getting projects into them.

Under the bottom shelf of fabric in my closet is a row of large, plastic baskets (five in all) and the rest of those new boxes. Each basket has another UFO in it.

Then I have this huge blue tub full of projects - I really don't know how many is in there . . .

And this massive basket on the top shelf has block sets in bags that I've made, won or purchased - not sure how many's here, either . . .

Not to mention the large clear tub that has all the collected fabrics and half-pieced units for my husband's "Welcome Home from Iraq" quilt that I started while he was away in 2003.

So, yep, I've got way too many UFOs!!! :O


  1. I love your salt, pepper and spice quilt! Lovely stuff - good for you in working on those UFOs.

  2. I can't believe you have over 50 win!

    I would definitely start finishing the easy to finish-like the binding on the baby quilt or the border on that gorgeous black,white and red quilt top.

    I have lots of quilt tops in the closet that need to be quilted. Last fall I joined a challenge to finish up things by the end of the year-it really helped. I'm trying to finish up some more this fall (but I've already done all the small ones! :)

  3. One day last year I actually typed up a list of UFO's and got over 80! Yikes! It's been a big "help" to make me finish up one thing before I start another! Some items are now runners rather than quilts! Oh those workshops - they do create UFOs!! lol I may run to the Dollar General for some of those containers! Off to watch the football game and do some quilting! OH YES - I forgot to thank you for the thread!!