Sunday, December 12, 2010


What a wet, cold, dreary day it is outside! But inside, I'm warm and toasty!

Both of my kids have had the stomach virus that's going around - there's nothing worse than to wake up to the sound of one of your children throwing up! I'm hoping I can skirt around the nasties and skip the throwing up part myself :)

I just finished filling out and tweaking my application for the NQA Judge Certification Program! All of my information is completed and photos are inserted. The initial application isn't terribly difficult - I just had to get all of the required experiences listed and detailed. I'll be sending it out with the fees check in the morning and that process will be rolling along nicely!

To all of you that have left me comments, I must confess, I'm not very good at replies. Please, please don't feel insulted or consider me rude for not responding in a timely manner. My life has so many sides that it is very difficult sometimes to keep it all up in the air at once. So, please know that I do read your comments and I definitely appreciate each and every one! And I certainly do not intend to be inconsiderate, at all!

My military husband will be home next Saturday - he's been away for WLC (Warrior's Leadership Course) - a two week course he's taking in Pennsylvania. After this is complete, he can sign up for B-Noc (sp??) and then A-Noc (again, unknown spelling?), after which he can take an E-7 slot. He is currently an E-5 Sergeant. I have missed him, but it IS nice to have a clean house! I love David dearly, but he does have a bad habit of leaving things lying around! ;)

I did finish one UFO top - the black and bolds swap top is complete. I'm piecing oddball chunks of fabric for the back and then it's off to the long-arm quilter. My "Salt, Pepper and a Dash of Spice" top is nearly finished - just two more borders to go. I spoke with Sharon, a new friend and long-armer. She has me set up for the first week of February to take the top, so now I have a deadline. My personal goal is to finish it up by the end of this year - shouldn't be a problem! I'll try to get some pics of these two tops posted soon.

I have another idea percolating - I just bought several older issues of Quilter's Newsletter. In one of them, it has an article about the different blocks used as wedding ring quilts, not just the classic Double Wedding Ring pattern. I've got a series of small tops in mind - eager to start drafting them up!

Well, that's enough rambling for today! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful week!!

Barbara Ann

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