Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gaining perspective . . .

So, I’ve been terribly frazzled this past week with all of the banquets, state track meet and all that end-of-the-year fun ~ toss in my husband being gone on National Guard duty and add a very healthy sprinkling of stress from the slowing progress on the new website and my nerves are just shot all to heck!

Yesterday morning, my temper was extremely short as I tried unsuccessfully, yet again, to import my products and I’m very ashamed to say that I had more than one nasty little blow-ups ~ the worst one at the only person who was truly helping me!  Somewhere, somehow, I’d lost my perspective.

Last night, I had a dream about my sister, Sonja. She’s been gone for 11 years now, and sometimes it still feels like she left just yesterday.  In the dream, she looked so beautiful and natural, that I didn’t want it to end ~ I wanted to stay asleep and just be with her again.  There was a lot of symbolism and lessons in that dream.

When I woke up, I asked my husband if he’d like to go to church this morning.  We did and had a wonderfully, fulfilling time as a family.  It had been so long since we’d been there, but it still felt like home.

Between the dream and going to church, I feel like I’ve regained a sense of order, perspective and control.  It’s really not the end of the world if the website is not ready for the Web Shopper Appreciation Days sale that starts tomorrow morning.  All is well and right with my world ~ and what isn’t perfect is what makes it interesting. 

It is what it is and that’s all it can be. 

Take care and have a terrifically stress-less week, everyone!

Barbara Ann

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  1. You have been blessed to discover what is truly important and's not a website or "stuff"...its a God that is always there in the still quiet moments to give us peace that passes all understanding.
    Blessings from a former West Virginian now living in Alabama plus quilter!!
    Gmama Jane