Sunday, July 10, 2011

Details from Columbus!

Yes, I’m running behind – as usual! 

I had a grand time in Columbus in June.  NQA puts on a great show, and it was incredibly interesting, exciting and enlightening to be able to help and then enjoy it.

I learned so, so much in the Judging Room and made some great new friends.  It was amazing to see the quilts up close and also to see three judges working together with such professionalism and cooperation.  And everything went off pretty smoothly – you can tell that the judging process has been well thought out and planned, even to the smallest details.

The last day of judging was a half-day and so I was able to help hang the quilts and met some terrific gals there as well – Bobbi was a blast to be around and one gal I’d be honored to work with again.

Wednesday, I became a student by taking Linda McCuean’s “Bit of Bella” class.  It was a hands-on class on Gammill long-arm machine and I realized quickly that I was a bit out of my element.  It will take a whole lot more practice before I feel comfortable with a long-arm.

Thursday, I was in Kathy McNeil’s design class – I took lots and lots of notes, because she shared tons of great information!  Plus, we shared some stalled projects of our own to get advice from Kathy and our classmates.  Thank you, ladies, for all your great ideas!

Friday, I took Karen Stone’s “Spinning Stars”.  She’s terrific to be around – very upbeat and laid back.  Here’s a picture of the blocks I came out of there with:


I really like how they turned out and the paper piecing was mostly easy to accomplish.DSC_0148

Saturday, I had a great time in Esterita Austin’s “Pow-erful Portraits” – she’s amazingly talented and I pushed my boundaries quite a bit in this class.  It was the first ever portrait piece I’ve ever attempted, plus it included painting (which I’ve always wanted to try, but was afraid to!).  Actually, I still haven’t painted, as Esterita was the hand behind the brush on my piece, but I loved watching her work on it!

She still needs a hand, hair and a shirt, but she’s pretty cool even without all that, I think! Winking smile

I must admit, I was glad to be coming home, though.  Saturday night, my last night in Columbus, I awoke around 3 am to strange sounds and lights outside my lower level window.  When I peeked out, there were cop cars in the parking lot and a helicopter hovering overhead.  Cops were checking random rooms - looking for someone, I suppose.  They didn’t come to my side of the hotel and so didn’t knock on my door, but it still made me a bit anxious for a little while.

All in all, it was a grand experience and I’m looking forward to next year!

By the way, I came home to find that our dog, Duke, had been hit by a vehicle while I was gone.  He was a copper Beagle and a wonderful pet – we all miss him terribly!015_14

Snow - 01-09-10 (27)








Alex, our son, with Duke as a puppy and full grown.  Unfortunately, both of our kids saw Duke get hit and it was pretty traumatic for both of them.



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  1. Sorry to hear that your dog Duke was hit, pets are so special to us. It looks like you had a wonderful time at the NQA show! That sounds like a lot of neat classes you took. The portrait is off to a great start.
    Quilting by the River