Sunday, December 18, 2011

Surgery, Teacher, Pattern Designer, Round Robin, a New Job and a Winner!

Since it’s been such a long time since I’ve posted, there is a lot to catch up on. 

DSC_0004My husband was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma in the large burn scar of his leg in September.  When he was four years old, his pajamas caught on fire and his lower right leg was severely burnt.  He has experienced many troubles with it over the years, but a biopsy in August revealed cancer.  On November 2nd, he underwent major surgery in Morgantown – the very talented surgeons removed the cancer and most of the scar tissue from his leg.  The cancer turned out to be about the diameter of a tennis ball and went a bit deeper than they had anticipated.  To cover the area, they harvested a long muscle from his abdomen and skin from his thigh.  He is doing very well and is anxious to get back to “normal.”  We go for another checkup this Friday and hope to get the ok for him to return to work.

DSC_0101Also, I was so excited to have a trial run at teaching my quilting design, “Linked Chains,” in Calhoun County on December 3rd.  It was a one-day event, but we had days worth of fun!  The “students” taught me so much and I was honored to have three of my very best quilting friends as part of the class.  Plus, I met and made many new friends, as well.

Shortly before this class took place, I was notified by Quilt Woman that my pattern designs had been accepted for publication!  I am tremendously excited and thrilled that my life is taking this turn!  If I had my wish, I would be quilting all the time Winking smile.  I so enjoyed teaching and hope that this will also be another avenue to meet and interact with many more quilting enthusiasts!


The kids are finally finished with their Cross Country season – both Jessie and Alex did very well.  This picture is from the Fall Sports Banquet of November.  There are a few kids missing, but it’s been a great experience for all of us.  These kids are just terrific and Mrs. Evans did a fine job with her first season!  I personally had a great time and got plenty of exercise taking pictures at the meets!

Speaking of taking pictures, I was honored to take photos yesterday of a new and growing family.  Jayden Michael was born Nov. 25th and his proud parents and grandparents asked if I could come visit and take some family pictures for them.  Of course, I said yes – he’s absolutely adorable . . . well, see for yourself:

Please respect not only my rights, but also those of Jayden and his family – do NOT download or share any of the photos from my blog in any manner.

I’m participating in the Mountain State Round Robin – my center block is below.  The pattern, “Indian Summer Block,” was shown in “Quilt” magazine’s Dec/Jan 2012 issue on page 10.  It was designed by Beth Maddock and you find it on her website:

Round Robin

It looks so much better in person!  In picking the fabrics, I tried very hard to stay away from white and cream backgrounds and wanted to use that bright teal color.  I definitely used the color wheel, which is part of what I talked about in my class!

I’ve also been given the opportunity to become more involved with the WV Quilters organization.  I’ve accepted the position of Membership Secretary and am enjoying playing a part in the forward progress of our State Guild.

And now to announce the winner of my giveaway in celebration of the Quilting Gallery’s Blog Hop Party, would you give a round of applause for Gwen of “In My Own Little Corner!”  She is the winner of my bundle of goodies – Gwen, an email is coming your way!

Thanks to all who visited, followed and commented – I’m sorry I did not have time to answer you each personally, but I do appreciate you so much and I plan to visit your own blogs as soon as I can!

Happy Sewing,



  1. So excited to be the winner!! What an awesome pack of prizes-- and it's like you knew what I needed most! :-) Thank you so much! :-)

  2. I hope your husband has speedy recovery.

    Happy sewing and Merry Christmas
    I wish you continued success.

  3. Hello, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog for a visit. I look forward to becoming friends. Hugs