Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Oh, how I wish I didn't have to have a full time job! I have so many projects (not just quilting) going on at one time that I'm never able to finish any of them! I was just thinking about all of my unfinished quilts on the way home from Jessie's track practice today. I'm almost afraid to list them as it might be too depressing!!

Well, Columbus took a chance, didn't he??

1. Purple/green/white RRRR quilt from Quilting Passion forum - need to applique R in each of the four corners then send it off to be quilted, bind and label
2. Animal baby quilt - send it off to be quilted, bind and label
3. Blue and green Tennessee waltz - finish piecing, borders, quilting, bind, label
4. Trojan pride throw - finish piecing, borders, quilting, bind, label
5. Pastel stars - finish piecing, borders, quilting, bind, label
6. "Pond Path by Moonlight" wallhangings - unsew one, piece (and repiece), borders, quilting, bind, label
7. Unknown number of loose block sets
8. New York Beauty wallhanging - finish paper piecing and sew together, borders, quilting, bind, label
9. Memory quilt from craft day - hand quilt???
10. . . . . . .

I'll keep updating this list as I go - my brain's a little mushy right now. I'd like to completely finish at least three of these this year. At least that's my goal! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!!

Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Merging Past and Present: Crafting for All Ages

Merging Past and Present: Crafting for All Ages
March 7, 2009

Gilmer County Senior Center, Glenville, WV

This is the article I wrote up for the local newspaper to publish about the crafting event we held on March 7th.

Despite the lack of electricity for the first few hours, it seems that all who attended “Merging Past and Present: Crafting for All Ages” enjoyed themselves with the variety of sights, smells and sounds of the event. Those who chose to take a class or spend time with a demonstrator learned new skills and techniques, while perhaps gaining a friend or two. Personable vendors offered beautiful and beneficial wares for shoppers, while talented individuals volunteered to instruct visitors in the ways of knitting, quilting, crocheting, weaving and spinning. Delicious food was served all day long to warm the body and the traditional sounds of bluegrass and country music filled the evening air, enriching the soul.

Sponsored by Heavenly Hills Fabrics and Crafts of Glenville, the event offered eighteen classes taught by knowledgeable persons from the surrounding area. Although class sizes proved to be small, the individual attention given was perhaps more beneficial to the students. The following persons must be commended for offering their talents and time to teach: Bob Henry Baber, Tresha Cottrill, Tammy Cundiff, Rosie Fisher, Joyce Jones, Sadie Kelble, Heather Papouschek, Sue Papouschek, Sandy Pettit, Jeanette Ramezan, Sandy Sonderman, Cathy Sowa, Caren White and Lynn Yurkiewicz. The wide range of crafting classes ensured that anyone and everyone could find something new to try and learn.

Almost anywhere one could go, there was something to see or do. Vendors displayed their products in the foyer and included Debbie Adams, Marie Frymier, Lost Creek Candle Company, Mountain State Press and Heather and Sue Papouschek. Demonstrators included Joyce Cain, Betty Crofford, Joyce Jones and Lynn and Joe Yurkiewicz. Visitors to the quilt frame could sit and learn to hand quilt with Betty Crofford, JoAnn Hill, Geraldine Marks and Marina Stewart. Event attendees were also asked to add their signatures to the quilt as a remembrance of the day. Beautiful finished quilts were displayed in the main room and back hallway for viewers to vote on their favorites, with Rosie Fisher’s “Rooster Quilt” winning the Viewer’s Choice ribbon. Fawn Valentine, the keynote speaker and a well-known author, presented a lecture on quilts and quilt making in West Virginia’s rich history, and also performed quilt readings for interested attendees who had brought along family heirlooms or found treasures for her to examine and assess.

Sharon Jones provided child care and crafting activities for the very young in a relaxed and fun environment, assisted by Larisa Gordon and Jessica Jones. Invaluable aid was given by volunteers Judy Meads, Barbara Wellings, Lurenda Allison and Monna Beamer. With the assistance of these cheerful and personable ladies, the welcome table and that of the sponsoring business ran smoothly and efficiently. The Rosedale Senior Group provided a wonderfully prepared variety of food for breakfast, dinner and supper. Their warm smiles and friendly manner complimented the tasty dishes and gave a rich flavor to the event.

As the classes and other activities concluded, the event continued with music from local talents including Dan Bonnett, Pat and Patrick Brooks, Jerry Helmick, Steve Holloway, Glen Jones, Roger Lydick and John Poole. They deserve so much gratitude and praise for appearing on such short notice and playing so very well for the gathering crowd. The Gilmer County Stardust Dancers also performed, entertaining the crowd with their lively routines and musical variety. The final act was given by Betty Jo and the Countryaires, an entertaining and gifted musical group with strong Gilmer County roots. They provided wonderful music in a relaxed and, at times, amusing way.

Barbara Ann Beamer Jones of Heavenly Hills Fabrics and Crafts was very blessed by all the help and assistance of so many individuals and groups. First and foremost, she would like to thank her husband, David, for his unwavering assistance, support and encouragement through the event’s conception, execution and conclusion. Our children, Jessica and Alex, were tremendous helpers as well, and their patience, understanding and many kindnesses throughout the last six months are so appreciated. David’s parents, Rodney and Joyce Jones, provided invaluable help with the set-up and clean-up of the event, not to mention their support through out the day itself. During the clean up time, it was such a huge help to see all the extra hands working unselfishly – thank you, Lurenda Allison, Monna Beamer, Sallie Mathess and Bill Wolfe. Gerry Moore, a very dear friend and part of the Rosedale Senior Group, was so very encouraging and supportive to Barbara – always ready to listen and offer advice whenever a brainstorm raged. Sadie Kelble, Tresha Cottrill, Cathy Sowa, Betty Crofford, Judy Meads, Lurenda Allison: your creative ideas, thoughtful and encouraging words and kind assistance is so appreciated. The event ran so smoothly because of your time and efforts. Barbara would also like to thank Sallie Mathess of the Gilmer County Senior Center for her extra time and effort, not to mention answering all kinds of questions and never sounding annoyed. Even though we did not receive the grant for which we applied, we were able to continue the event with the quiet aid from Waco Oil & Gas and an anonymous donor.

This event was a success not only because of its community outreach focus and the variety of activities offered, but primarily due to the people involved. The teachers and students, demonstrators and vendors, presenters and lecturers, musicians and dancers, volunteers and helpers – you all made this event into a success. Your kind generosity with your time, talents and efforts are so appreciated. May you continue to be blessed with health and happiness always. THANK YOU!