Sunday, May 10, 2009

New digital camera

I'd been having a lot of trouble with my previous digital camera, so while we were in Charleston on Friday for Young Writers Day, I stopped in at Ritz Camera and bought a Nikon D5000 SLR digital camera. It was a bit more expensive than I was completely comfortable with, but I think it will turn out to be a great investment. I've been playing around with it and took the above pictures of my family to share - my daughter, Jessica, my son, Alex, and my husband, David.
I hope to get my sewing room painted this week - maybe even finish the sanding on my sewing table so it can go back into the room. I am SO ready to start sewing again!!
Have a grand week!
Barbara Ann

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Texturing is kinda fun!

Last night, I went down to my empty sewing room with the intent of filling in the nail holes in the walls with drywall mud, but realized after getting started that it just wasn't going to cut it. See, we are buying our house on land contract (getting ready for the balloon payment this summer, actually) and we've been here for nearly 10 years now. Before we moved in, the house had been rented out by the previous owners to college kids (we live in a college town). Not promoting the stereotype of reckless, irresponsible college kids, but the room that became my sewing room had BLACK walls and the drywall was banged up pretty badly. I don't remember how many coats of hiding primer it took to cover the black, but it became the cream and raspberry colors eventually. The point is, the drywall still vaguely shows the scars.

So, I'm filling in all the divots and holes with mud. I look back along the wall, and it looks like a little boy's knees in September after riding his bike in gravel all summer. Nothing but patches. When my husband built on my sewing room closet, I textured the walls in there and then painted them a creamy tan. Brain storm in the room! I watered down the mud a bit and used a big paintbrush to texture the top half of the walls to hide the holes and dings. It went a lot faster AND I don't have to sand the walls down before I can paint.

I have one long wall and above the window left to do this evening, and it should be dry by the time we get back from Charleston tomorrow. Then maybe Saturday I can paint (ugh, I really don't like painting - I'm way too messy at it!) and start bringing back my stuff the first of the week. David fixed the overhead vent last night and will be removing the "dead" vent on the other side of the room today. He's also putting up one more piece of trim around the door and the baseboards.

One room at a time . . . . .