Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Still waiting to get my rooms back!! :(

Well, be forewarned! Just when you think life is going your way, a big ole stinkin' pile of bad luck plops down in your path!

I had loaded my washer with fabric (of course!), turned it on, turned off the light and contentedly went to bed - which I have done a hundred times or more in my life. Around 5:30 the next morning, the bathroom was calling, so I'm sitting on the pot, thinking to myself, "What IS that I hear running?" I stumble down the dark stairs to the basement, turn the corner from the landing, two steps more to land my foot in over an inch of icy cold water! The valve on the washer messed up, so the washer pumped cold water onto the basement floor continuously from 9:30 pm to 5:30 am. After several choice words escaped and with the water turned off, I began the tedious and back-breaking clean up.

Of course, my dear husband was away for military training, so with the invaluable aid of my in-laws, we started moving out all the STUFF that has accumulated in our basement for the past ten years. Four rooms were carpeted, including my sewing room and the business area - all of that is being replaced. Only minimal areas of the drywall need to be redone, but we're going to repaint the rest of it with Kilz anyway to prevent any unseen growths.

Since my husband has been home, we've taken numerous truck loads of STUFF to the storage unit and just pulled up two more rooms of carpeting last night. The carpet layers will be at the house on Wednesday (tomorrow!) to put new carpet down in my sewing room and business area. Steve, the carpet boss, told my husband that he wanted to do "my" rooms first, because he knew that his wife would be progressively more upset the longer her rooms were out of commission; therefore, he's taking care of those areas first. I knew I liked him for a reason! :)

Anyway, the insurance is being just super and taking care of everything, even the storage unit and the UHaul rental. We had been slowly finishing the basement on our own for the past few years, so we're going to take this opportunity to put in the bathroom and small kitchenette while we're doing this rework. Hopefully, when all is said and done, we'll have a completely finished basement (with at least two floor drains - whoever heard of building a house without floor drains in the basement???). Let's hope anyway!

So, for the time being, just about everything except my stash and a few shelves of books are packed up and stored away. I'm really anxious to get everything back in order, but I'm going to do any repainting and fixing before anything goes back in. Not to mention the massive sorting and tossing that I hope to complete AS it goes back in! It's a whole lot overwhelming to think of all the work coming up, but Rome wasn't built in a day, right? We'll just have to keep moving forward - one step at a time!

Tiredly yours,

Barbara Ann