Monday, January 11, 2010

Here it is - the finished top! It's 56 - 12" blocks set 7 x 8 OR 224 - 6" blocks set 14 x 16 (however you wish to look at it!) With the three borders it finishes at 100" x 112" - a bit larger than the queen size that was requested, but you must have a balanced feel to the blocks - each 12" block makes an X and it wouldn't work to not have all the legs on the X!

I couldn't resist the last picture - I took these pictures in a very office here at work and the bust by the window was already set as to be looking down at the quilt. I thought that was a nice finish, don't you?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Progress!

For those of you who may be interested, my work on the black/white/red quilt has been interrupted for a little while. I took the pieces with me to a terrific retreat with Bonnie Hunter at Hawks Nest in November and was able to sew mindlessly on Friday afternoon. The following picture is the beginning of my pile of sewn pieces. It DID get much bigger before I put away those colors!

And this is what has been occupying my time: A commission quilt that I'm starting to really like. I've got the 224 six-inch blocks all pieced together into the body of the top, all that's left is adding the borders.

The last picture is a closer look at a portion of the quilt with the proposed borders represented - a 2" batik, 1" black and a 3" brown. I'm a little uncertain about the batik, but I'd rather not have the black border touching any blacks in the body of the top. I would LOVE to hear what fellow quilters think, so any suggestions or advice are very welcome!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!