Sunday, October 31, 2010

How many UFOs now?

** This post was started WEEKS ago - I really am trying to get better! :( **

I'm in my sewing room this morning ~ very early, 'cause I just couldn't get back to sleep. I worked on basting down the stars and hearts in the toddler quilt (shown in my last post) so that I could remove all the straight pins. Ironed the top, folded it and put it away.

Then I realized I had put away some UFOs in plastic boxes before sharing them on my blog, so you thought you had seen them all, right?? Nah! Here's some more:
This was brights and blacks swap on the Quilting Passion forum at Delphi - stay tuned for progress photo below . . .
This was an original design, but I didn't count on the difficulty of piecing those triangles - I cut out 2 sets, but I'm going to have to take this one apart. The seams are terrible!! Any ideas??
This was a set of Christmas blocks that I won at the WV Quilters show in Beckley - again, several years ago. Another project started - I don't remember for sure, but I think I ran out of a particular fabric, but not sure now . . .

This was started at the Molasses Festival in Arnoldsburg two years ago - I was trying to use just the fabrics from my shop ( - Lakehouse Pearl. I have the plan for it.

This was from the quilt retreat at Jackson's Mills two years ago - a "New York Beauty" class with Kathy of Pieces of the Past shop in Harrisville - she's just super! It was my first "real" project with paper piecing and curves. I really like this one and need to get it together . . .

These blocks were from an online quilt forum swap - I need to just get them set together.

This is a Storm at Sea set that I made in Columbus in a class with Charlotte Angotti, who, by the way, is just terrific! And the kits cut by John Flynn are just wonderful to work with - laser cut for accuracy!

The large pink pieced blocks are from a swap - the embroidered ones are from Ebay - the setting design is my own.

This was a wild hair I had - the WV Quilters guild has a Little Quilt Auction at their now annual show to raise money. I had plans to finish this as a donation - there were three others embroidery blocks that needed to be a centerpiece for small quilts and I had hoped to at least finish one! Ah, well, there's next year's show, I guess!

This is the purple and yellow Sister's Choice from the retreat at Hawk's Nest with Bonnie Hunter - it was a great time and I'd like to get this top together - I think it will turn out quite pretty.And this was a start of a pastel stars quilt for my Mom from many, many moons ago - I think it's a Judy Martin pattern, but I don't know now which book it's from.

And the promised progress photo of the brights and blacks swap - this photo is rather outdated now. As of today, Nov. 26th, this top is together and mostly finished! I made a center block as a label and just need to get the info on it. I will post the picture when the rest of my quilt holders get back home!

As long as this post is, there are still more UFOs, but I just can't bore you any longer. I'm off to a slow start, but a finish IS a finish after all! Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

More Treasures from the Big Blue Tub!!

Before I start my own personal stuff, you guys really need to check out Wayne Kollinger's blog. He is so amazing with his "What Ifs" that it really boggles the mind of all the quilt possibilities there could be. The post I've linked to shows a gorgeous blue and yellow top that just screams West Virginia to me - I'd love to make it!
And that's how I end up with so many UFOS. Speaking of that, I did say there were more treasures in the big blue tub:

I think these blocks came from my dear friend and neighbor, Donna. She helped me with my first ever quilt, A Trip Around the World that I made for my Mom & Dad's anniversary. She helped me pick out the fabrics, decide where to put each color, cut strips and even made me unsew lots of bad seams - thank you, Donna, for teaching me that mistakes are correctable, in one way or another! :)

These units came from a flying geese swap that I participated in online. They would probably make a nice wallhanging . . .
The older set of applique blocks came from Ebay (I think?) and I had a plan to make some pieced blocks to alternate them with. I really have no idea where my drawing is, though.

My lovely Aunt Eleanor sent me the large bear panel after I sent her a quilt with lots of love. She's such an incredible joy and I just wanted her to know how much I cared. She sent me the large panel and asked if I thought I could use it. Not long after I received it, I was at Houchin's Fabrics in Arnoldburg and found matching smaller panels and yardage. Of course, I grabbed it up. I DO know where this plan is, just need to make it.

Just a few miscellaneous blocks - there's more of these somewhere else . . .
This is one I'd really like to finish, so I worked on this one last night and this morning. It is fallish bear paw blocks swapped on the online forum ~ I took the four units apart and made lots more. Last night, I finished the unsewing and this morning, I finished the last of the cutting and sewed 10 more blocks together (the ones on the far right in the picture). I have about 20 more blocks cut out and ready to go. The way I have it figured, I can get two generous twins out of these blocks by setting them on point in a strippy design. I'd really like to finish these.
This is the background for a Parsons family tree quilt - remember the aforementioned class of Judy Lilly's? That morphed into this huge thing - once this is all sewn down, I plan to overlay a large tree with branches, leaves and apples for Parsons family members.

This was a harebrained idea for a baby/toddler quilt for my cousin's little girl ~ it was to be appliqued down and the border and backing fabric had stars and suns with smilie faces. Yep, that hasn't gotten very far. Sure, it would be cute once done, but to get it done is the problem.

I haven't even touched the basket of bagged blocks . . . and I know there's some more UFOs somewhere . . . I can think of a few just off the top of my head!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Treasure Hunt in the Big Blue Tub

So, I'm digging around in the aforementioned big blue tub and you'll never guess how many treasures I unearthed ~ projects I had completely forgotten about! Some that stirred up some excitement to get them finished, some that I thought "Ugh! Why am I keeping this?" Lots and lots of things in here . . . .
This is a pillow that I made several years ago - then I took it apart and just saved the top.
I honestly do not remember where I got these blocks - there's 6 of them and they're ready for stitch down, but I don't really know what to do with them . . .

This is a school spirit project. My children went to the same elementary school as I did ~ Troy. I've almost got the embroidered Trojan finished and part of the piecing, but if I remember correctly, I was wanting to do some fancy stars around the center also. Now if I could just find the drawing of the plan for the top.

This is the start of a pineapple quilt - I was making it for my niece's high school graduation. She's getting ready to graduate from college soon and will be getting married. Hmm, I think I'm late.
This is my set of cut strips for a Jacob's Ladder wallhanging. I cut an identical set for my Mom as part of a Christmas present years and years ago. It was to be a mother-daughter sewing time, but she has since moved to Virginia. During her packing, she found her set and went ahead and made her wallhanging. You see how far I've gotten ~ somewhere I've got a drawing for this one . . . This was a small piece meant for my nephew, Ethan, for Christmas, many moons ago. It just needs the quilting finished and bound.
This is a baby quilt started before my son, Alex, was born - he's almost 12 now.

A set of large nine patch blocks in Christmas fabrics - this was an internet forum swap, but there aren't any names on the blocks.
These Sunbonnet Sues are adorable - I really want to use these somehow.

A landscape top from a class with Judy Lilly at the WV Quilters Show in Beckley - the first one I took classes at - maybe 5 or 6 years ago?? All it needs is quilted and bound.

This was another internet forum swap - the canning jars are really cute - it's quilted, though not quite how I wanted it. All it needs is embellished and bound.

And that's not all of it - but I did get some more plastic boxes this evening at Dollar General . . .

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I almost hate to show this side of my sewing room - all the UFOs! I've been reading Pat Sloan's blog and have decided to try and dig into my massive stack of UnFinished Objects. I know I have 50+ quilts in various stages of non-completion (is that even a word?). And that's being very conservative! Starting from "have an idea and have picked out the fabrics" to "all it needs is binding and a label."

First on the list is "Salt, Pepper and a Dash of Spice" - my black, white and red quilt:

This is the top without the borders.

Then, a shot of the "leftovers" - some of these will be used in the flying geese border but most will end up in the pieced backing.

Not to mention the black and white fabrics I didn't even cut into! ;)

And the "West Virginia Backroads" top from a retreat at Hawk's Nest with Bonnie Hunter last November - I love these colors and the pattern is simple, just time-consuming! By the way, Bonnie totally rocks!

This little toddler bed size quilt just needs binding - it's really very cute and has a soft flannel backing.

This stack is two groups of fabric that I've picked out for quilts - the top one has a pattern already, but the bottom one is still just a group of fabrics that look great together (or at least I think so anyway!)

I also have a stack of grouped fabrics in my closet - both of these have patterns.

I found these great flat boxes at Dollar General - I bought five more this evening.

But I had already purchased eight previously - this past weekend, I worked on getting projects into them.

Under the bottom shelf of fabric in my closet is a row of large, plastic baskets (five in all) and the rest of those new boxes. Each basket has another UFO in it.

Then I have this huge blue tub full of projects - I really don't know how many is in there . . .

And this massive basket on the top shelf has block sets in bags that I've made, won or purchased - not sure how many's here, either . . .

Not to mention the large clear tub that has all the collected fabrics and half-pieced units for my husband's "Welcome Home from Iraq" quilt that I started while he was away in 2003.

So, yep, I've got way too many UFOs!!! :O

Monday, October 18, 2010

Oops - my bad!

Well, in announcing the winner for my giveaway, I had already sent an email to Elaine from Illinois before I posted that she was the winner here on my blog. Imagine my surprise when I heard back from Elaine from St. Charles, Illinois (my initial winner) and then another email arrived from Elaine from Morton, Illinois. So although I sent the original email to the St. Charles Elaine, I will not disappoint the Morton Elaine and will be sending out two packages this week!

I'm sorry for the confusion, but hopefully, both Elaines will be happy with their gifts! :)

Hope everyone has a great day and ensuing week!


Friday, October 15, 2010

We have a winner!!

Elaine from Illinois - come on down!!

You've been chosen to win my giveaway - you should have already received an email, so the sooner you reply, the sooner I can send out your gifts!

Thanks so much to everyone for all the great comments - 428 comments! WOW!!! And some new followers, too! You've all been just terrific and I hope you've had as much fun as I have!

Barbara Ann

Sunday, October 3, 2010


And may I say again ~ WOW!!! I never thought there would be soooo many comments in just a few days! THANK YOU to everyone that has visited my blog and especially to those who chose to follow my blog. With everything that is crowding my plate, I cannot guarantee regular updates, but I promise to try and be interesting, exciting and more "posty!"

Yesterday, my daughter participated in a cross country meet in Ritchie County - it was a gorgeous fall day, just perfect for running. Another mother rode with us and she was terrific company.

But that was yesterday. Today, I worked on getting ready for the Apple Butter Festival in Salem. It will be my first solo quilt judging experience in preparation for the NQA Quilt Judge Certification program, plus I will also be vending. So, this afternoon, I got some new fat quarter bundles ready:

This is a 32 piece fat quarter assortment from Maywood's Shadowplay line - these fabrics are just gorgeous!

And a few more bundles - the three on the far right are the ones I'm calling Autumn in September, Autumn in October and Autumn in November respectively. Lots of great colors in these . . . .

Some more new ones on the left and a few pictures of the ones I've had previously that are now on sale ~ there's RJR, SSI, Timeless Treasures and Lakehouse.

With only two tables to fill up, I used these two oblong metal baskets for random fat quarters:
I'm a little tired of fighting with Blogger about pictures, but I think you might have the general idea. Let's hope there's a nice crowd for the Apple Butter Festival!
Hope you all have a terrific week ~ happy quilting!
Barbara Ann